All 45 Van Boxtel audiologists get an individual homepage

The new online platform of Van Boxtel Audiologists went public on February, 8th. In a brand new corporate identity, all 45 shops got their own personalized homepage.

Van Boxtel Audiologists is a chain of 45 local shops, which are primarily located in the Southern part of the Netherlands. The company that started as a family business still has family values as their number one value. Well-informed of the latest developments in the field, but with a high rate of personal engagement and customer hospitality. The website emphasizes this personal approach to customers. There is a perfect solution for every hearing problem, which will let customers enjoy their lifes again, e.g. by listening music or by having a normal conversation.

There is always a store nearby

Based on the philosophy that a customer usually builds a trusting relationship with the audiologist, the site will always direct to user to the nearest van Boxtel hearing center based on its geographical location (GeoIP). The custom shop pages have space for local offers, events or local content and also communication from the headquarters can be added easily.

The latest online standards

Redhotminute has implemented quite some online innovations. The website contains large amounts of latest HTML standards and CSS3, which makes new techniques available for a very wide audience. From old browser versions to an iPad or iPhone.

Edit web pages easily with Sitecore Page Editor

Sitecore CMS is the engine behind the website and is equipped with the latest methods for in-line editing: the so-called Page Editor mode. This gives van Boxtel Audiologists the flexibility to create and edit pages on a very user friendly basis, without being stuck to technical constraints. Intuitively add and reposition page elements and write texts IN your website and no longer in the long lists of input fields that are unfortunately often characteristic for content management systems.

The new website can be visited at (Dutch only).

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