How we collaborate

Gertjan van Laar
Business Consultant

Project approach

In projects we work agile, according to the Scrum method. In a multidisciplinary team we will work together on your website, in clear intermediate steps. Every two weeks (sprint) we will realize a concrete interim result. This makes it possible to consider whether we are on the right track or not and to decide what functionalities we will address in the next sprint. Within a short period of time we’ll reach a tangible product that can be elaborated later on. 

Commitment and a high velocity

We only focus on the functionalities you prefer and we’ll reach your goals in the most efficient way. We are able to rapidly develop functionalities that add value for the end user. Experience shows that this approach guarantees commitment and a high velocity.

Transparant collaboration

This approach makes the collaboration transparent and prevents any unpleasant suprises. We can quickly anticipate changes within your organisation or within the environment.

Long-term strategy 

Whether a website, app or application succeeds depends to a large extent on the underlying strategy. This strategy exceeds all departments and marketing channels. After all, your customers expect a single personal approach from your organization. Redhotminute helps you develop such strategy. 

Just do it and learn

Setting up a digital strategy sounds complicated and time-consuming. However, in our experience it’s just a matter of doing it and adjusting the plan along the way. First, we’ll help you assess where you are with your organization. Together we’ll analyze your strengths and weaknesses in:

  • customer satisfaction
  • customer data
  • security
  • privacy and legal
  • architecture
  • brand identity 

Strategy, roadmap and measuring plan

After that, we compare the current situation with your corporate strategy. We determine on which specific areas your organization should improve and how digital can contribute. Based on this, we develop your digital strategy. The result is a roadmap for the design and development team which allows them to reach your digital and corporate goals in an agile way. Of course, we will also set up a measuring plan which can be used to modify the strategy.

Would you like know more? 

Would you like to know more about our agile approach or our strategic possibilities? Please contact us.