Payment convenience at GelreDome

The benefits

Shorter queues, clearer prices and quick and convenient payment; Gelredome concert goers and 10.000 Vitesse season ticket holders have been enjoying the benefits of the Gelredome Wallet since July. This contact free payment card makes paying for refreshments at every event or concert easy. Redhotminute, in collaboration with So-Easy Pay Systems developed a webshop to improve customer convenience. Currently the webshop is used only for Wallet management, but in the future it will include a merchandise webshop.

Online convenience

You can check your balance, top it up, transfer your credit back to your bank account and review your previous transactions. In case of theft or loss you can also disable your Wallet, so that you don't lose your balance.

It's easier and faster to reclaim your credit

After a Justin Bieber concert in October the Beliebers encountered problems reclaiming their credit via the webshop. It emerged that the refund process was far too complicated. That's why the refund process was critically scrutinised and simplified by the Redhotminute development team and So-Easy Pay Systems, responsible for delivering the Wallet.

Ready for Qlimax

The improved version was ready in November for use by the Qlimax dance event’s 34000 international visitors. In the weeks after the team will analyse the statistics and website visitor feedback to further improve the webshop's satisfaction ratings and performance.


The Gelredome Wallet shop is developed in nopCommerce, an open source .NET based e-commerce solution that is incredibly easy to scale. With this formula it is very simple for other concert venues and event locations to give the same webshop an entirely different look and feel, including links to the system that monitors the Wallet credit. That is exactly what our team are doing now. You can read more about this on our website soon.

Look at the Gelredome Wallet webshop