Experience the magic of Efteling online

Jop van Amelsfoort
Product owner

A unique collaboration 

Fairytale attractions, thrilling rides and spectacular park shows: in Efteling both the young and the old experience the adventure of their lives. Since January 2015 Efteling and Redhotminute have been engaged in an intensive, agile collaboration to renew the extensive online platform of the largest theme park in the Benelux.

Centralisation and internationalisation

To best serve the guest: that is what Efteling desires. Also online. The new website should therefore be technically, functionally and visually of the very highest standard. Alongside this, the site should be multilingual (German, Dutch, French, English and Chinese), facilitate the needs of the international market and present the brand on multiple channels.

This means a complete change around for the internal organisation of Efteling. Separate backend systems for mobile, the app, ticketing, Bosrijk, and the hotel are merged into one manageable platform. The massive amount of fragmented data and backend systems has to be both centralised and internationalised.

Relevant wonders 

Perhaps just as important is that the online guest experiences that special Efteling atmosphere: the magic, hospitality and safe haven for young and old. This isn't achieved through the implementation of a special interface; this is kept clean and business like. It's in the content that this feeling returns: atmospheric text, high definition photographs and films.

Efteling delights the guests with relevant wonders through content marketing that is as personal as possible and is led by the emotions and needs of the guests. The site must work perfectly and think with the guest, down to the very smallest detail. Increasing the international sale of tickets and hotel bookings through the website is a secondary goal.

Working together on location

Efteling and Redhotminute have been working in close collaboration since the start of 2015. An enthusiastic team of experts working in various disciplines renewing the extensive website step by step, working in the agile scrum method.

Work takes place on location at Kaatsheuvel. "Short lines encourage a deeper level of involvement", according to Andy van de Sande, CMS Specialist at Redhotminute. "When we open the window we hear Efteling and we see the happy faces of the children in the park. We know why we are doing this."

Efteling wants to keep on surprising

Efteling has opted for the Sitecore Customer Experience System. This is a powerful platform that offers many technical and functional possibilities and includes many in the field of personalisation. Efteling wants to continually surprise the visitor with relevant content. This is only possible if you really know your visitor: what are their needs and desires?

Personalisation and cross selling

On the new 'Accommodation' site you can find and book your accommodation quickly and easily in the Efteling Hotel or in one of the Efteling holiday parks. Personalisation is also a facet of the booking process. For instance, have you booked the Hansel and Gretel suite? You won't see the general thank you for your booking page, but a page with specific and contextual information relevant to the booking, entirely in the fairytale style to get you in the mood.

This engagement of anticipation is intended to optimise conversions. Cross selling can be found in the presentation of relevant extras. With a few clicks you can add a bottle of champagne, parking or a Jokie toy for the children, to your booking.

Free play on the unique kids platform

Another unique feature is the new Kids' platform. Usability testing with toddlers was among the developmental stages in the production of this platform. This has resulted in a challenging and cheery design. The young visitors experience a different adventure influenced by their choice of Efteling hero on the homepage. In the world of Jokie, the Fairy Tale Tree, Pardoes or Raveleijn the children can download and upload colouring pages, watch videos of the Efteling attractions or the DJs from Kids Radio and much more..

The young visitors wont be distracted: once they are on the platform the main Efteling website navigation disappears. Unlike many websites for children, the Efteling kids platform is entirely free of advertising. Parents can allow their children to play without worry, watching, clicking and interacting in a magical world.

Visitors supported by the app

Efteling and Redhotminute have renewed both the design and the interactivity of the Efteling app. The app is naturally full of the magic of the theme park. The user can access a themed park guide, where they can easily locate attractions, shows, shops, restaurants and facilities. The app also gives an indication of waiting times for the attractions. This offers visitors to the park optimum information and support.


The online platform is built in Sitecore. This is a powerful platform that offers many technical and functional possibilities and includes many in the field of personalisation. Efteling wants to continually surprise the visitor with relevant content. This is only possible if you really know your visitor: what are their needs and desires?

Sitecore is integrated with Commerce Connect CRM, the email platform Selligent and the existing park system for accommodation bookings and park tickets and the publication of the current opening and waiting times. The platform is hosted virtually in the Amazon AWS cloud to enable the website to load quickly abroad.

Individual visitor behaviour

The Efteling Team continuously measures and analyses individual visitor behaviour based on Sitecore Analytics, Google Analytics, Hotjar, Selligent and data from the Call Centre. This gives Efteling a 360 degree view of the guest.


The new Efteling website was honoured at the Diamonds Theme Park Awards in 2016. Efteling was awarded ten prizes including the honour for best website and app.


Furthermore, theme park Efteling and Redhotminute have been selected as a Sitecore Experience Award 2016 winner in the Best Content Strategy category. "While all our nominees demonstrated excellence, the judges decided that your website displayed a commitment to innovative thinking that sets it apart from all others," says Nicole Sterling, Marketing Director Sitecore.