MyKia platform connects driver and car

Jop van Amelsfoort
Product owner

More enjoyment of your car

Car enthusiasts always dream, look and compare. For decades, car brands have known how to respond to this. However, after a car sale, they often lose the direct contact with the owner. Together with Kia we have created the European MyKia platform in the Customer Experience Platform Sitecore. Dreaming, looking and comparing will merge seamlessly into predictable maintenance and aftersales services.

Help with practical issues

The responsive website and the MyKia app offer Kia drivers even more enjoyment of their car and help with practical issues. For example: making a garage appointment or arranging a replacement car or test ride. The How To video’s and quick reference guides give tips for optimal use of the car. 

One platform, three audiences

MyKia is not only used by Kia-drivers but also by their car dealers. Requests for workshop appointments can be handled by them. Marketing campaigns can be initiated and invites to events can be sent. All functionality is linked to a central database which allows the car dealers to maintain high standards in data quality. In each country, the database is linked to specific vehicle information systems and customer information systems to allow the dealers to easily maintain the customer data.

The importers in the different European countries are using the same tool for report and business intelligence. They also manage the content templates which can be reused and modified by the dealers. In this way, the dealers can present themselves in a fast, efficient and great way to the Kia drivers.