Make the most of your stay with the Landal GreenParks app

Gertjan van Laar
Business Consultant

Peace, space and nature. No obligations and no compelling concerns. That's why 2.4 million people book a holiday home or camp at Landal GreenParks every year. Guests prefer to plan their activities and day trips on the day itself. In the past the printed park guide was a real practical help. The digital variant of this was launched at the start of this month: an extensive app with many more possibilities than the old park guide. Thanks to this app Landal guests now have everything they need to make their holiday even more enjoyable and even easier. 

How to improve hospitality

What do you expect from an app during your stay? And what do you need? These are the questions the Landal and Redhotminute app team put to the Landal GreenParks guests staying at the Hof van Saksen park in Drenthe at the end of last year. Through face to face interviews and surveys the team discovered that during their stay guests don't want to make plans in advance.  Guests would rather make decisions on what to do and where to go during their stay on the day or the day before. They would also like to use the app to arrange activities and other park business quickly and easily. This cannot be the sole point of contact, personal contact is essential from the perspective of both the guests and Landal GreenParks.  The app should reinforce hospitality, not replace it. 

Every park is different

Based on the expectations of the guest and the goals of Landal GreenParks, the app team designs and develops a native iOS and Android app for all Landal GreenParks parks and for Hof van Saksen. A challenge because every park is unique and has its own particular target market. The Landal GreenParks and Redhotminute team members are not only dependent on one another for the development of the app. There is an intensive collaboration with a number of external groups and other teams within Landal GreenParks. These are the teams that are responsible for, among other things, the collection of content and the roll out of the app to all parks. Landal GreenParks and Redhotminute opted to use the cross-platform solution Xamarin. This allows you to develop native apps for both iOS and Android in one programming language (C #). The result is an app with a native user interface inwhich a large proportion of the code is reusable.

Convenience in and around the park

The app has been available in stores since November and guests in around 30 parks can experience the app's convenience. The guest can see all of the available activities and can discover everything the area has to offer with a myriad of tips. You can also see the restaurants in the park and easily make a reservation. Have you seen an activity that you don't want to miss? Save it as a favourite and recieve a reminder before your scheduled activity.  

Logica and connected systems

The intuitive interface ensures that guests don't get lost on the extensive array of activities and facilities.  Logica and connected systems around the opening times and reservations contribute to the app's user friendliness and the relevance of the information that’s available to the guest. For example, the app uses a link to Tablebooker to check real time table availability in the park restaurant.  

Becoming better attuned to the guest

Now that the first version of the app is in the store, we continually adapt and expand the app following the aims of Landal GreenParks, the interim test results and user data. We test and analyse at a variety of times and in different ways. Naturally we test the app in the parks so that we can see the effect of the app on the ground. 

This allows us to get to know the guests better and we can focus the app on the wishes and desires of both the guests and the staff. In the meantime the app is rolled out in phases covering other parks and languages, until all guests in 80 parks can use it. 

Have you booked a stay in one of the parks where the app is already available? Download the app at the App Store or Google Play Store.