New online identity Moeders voor Moeders

Menno Roos
Product owner


“We want a brand-new website that fits us, that connects us better with people, is ready for the future and generates more subscriptions.” The request of Moeders voor Moeders (dutch for ‘Mothers for Mothers’) was crystal clear. In order to make a better connection with prospective mothers, the organisation not only needed a new website, but a completely new online identity.

Awareness and action

Moeders voor Moeders is a part of the pharmaceutical company Aspen Oss B.V., an active organisation nationwide who wants to help women with fertility problems. A hormone preserved in the urine of pregnant women helps to develop medication that could be used at fertility treatments. Moeders voor Moeders is dedicated to create awareness of these possibilities and therefore promotes participation of expecting mothers.


In order to get expecting women involved, we made the people behind Moeders voor Moeders visible. These are mothers, women with fertility problems, co-workers, midwives and other professionals. We created a community that pregnant women would want to be a part of.


We made an animation to illustrate the registration process for Moeders voor Moeders. Sara, the main character, leads you in clear steps through the process of registration, medical check-up and participation in the programme.

Continuous participation

From week 6 to week 17 of the pregnancy, the concentration of the needed hormone is the largest. Therefore, it is essential that the participation of women in early pregnancy stages is extended and intensified. The more urine these women donate, the better it is. We stimulate the participants to keep going with a weekly, personalized, newsletter. This newsletter contains tips, personal experience stories, promotions and practical information about their current pregnancy phase.

Messages from the tummy

The website was transformed aesthetically and technically. We optimized the website fully for mobile use and modernised its appearance. Through this website, women receive weekly ‘messages from the tummy’ with unique images, in which the baby ‘explains’ how it is developing.

Double the amount of the subscriptions

The new online identity of Moeders voor Moeders and the introduction of phased newsletters resulted in double the amount of subscriptions for (dutch for ‘message from your tummy’).

Other results are:

  • 85% of newsletters was opened
  • 60% online subscriptions
  • 51% mobile subscriptions