Action oriented and local targeting for Toyota

Menno Roos
Product owner

A crucial role for online services 

‘Always a better way’, isn't the Toyota slogan for nothing. The car brand has been synonymous with customer satisfaction, service, innovation, quality and reliability for over 50 years. Online has a crucial role to play in this. In the Netherlands, as a case in point, the local dealers' website plays a decisive role in the Toyota driver's orientation and selection process. In the summer of 2016, research was carried out into how to improve the online support offered to both customers and dealers. It was down to Toyota and Redhotminute to achieve these goals by making small improvements and optimisations. 

Long-term cooperation 

Toyota and Redhotminute have been working together online for years under the flag of Louwman & Parqui, the importer of Toyota and Lexus in the Netherlands. In 2015, Toyota and Redhotminute launched 130 completely new dealer sites with a consistent brand identity in one Sitecore Customer Experience environment. The websites automatically displayed national Toyota news reports and special offers. There was a lot of space for the dealer to publish their own local messages on their easily maintained dealer website.

Customer and dealer survey 

Although the brand's image was generally positively received, it soon became apparent that dealers needed more than Toyota's websites offered. Toyota saw this as reason enough to investigate this fully, using interviews and questionnaires with customers and dealers and the combination of data and desk research. The goal was twofold: optimising consumer online support and helping Toyota dealers to get the most out of their website. In the future it would be even easier for both the consumer and the dealer to do business with Toyota. 

More action oriented websites 

The surveys revealed that both customers and dealers needed a more action oriented website. Along with this, the order of priority placed on the information on the website did not match the visitor's information requirements. Used cars, local special offers, news, service and maintenance were too deeply hidden in the website, in spite of these things being of greatest interest to visitors.

Getting started, one step at a time

Toyota and Redhotminute got to work on the survey findings together. 

  • action orientation
  • targeting of most popular actions
  • smarter interaction patterns
  • local visibility

It was important that this was achieved within the confines of the existing website. Not a completely new website, but through really quite small optimisations.

The most important things at your fingertips 

The biggest change on the dealer websites is that the most frequently used elements are now visible in a prominent position on the homepage. The most popular actions are now part of the header. These elements offer quick, user friendly access to special offers, used cars, making an appointment at the garage and contact,  

The first step for every popular action in is immediately available on the homepage. When you click on 'special offers' you are immediately offered a selection of model specific actions and when you click on 'used cars', you can begin to narrow your search. The idea is that the direct insertion of the first step in the process lowers the threshold and makes it easier to commit after you have taken the first step.

Would you like to know more? 

Do you want to know how Toyota and Redhotminute processed the other research results on the dealer websites? Then take a look at this dealer website. Or contact Product Owner Teun van Tongeren.