More online loyalty with Van der Valk Exclusief

Hans Anton Verschoor
Creative Director

From apple sauce with a cherry to a hotel room

When Dutch people think of Van der Valk, automatically the image of ‘apple sauce with a cherry’ out of the restaurants comes to mind. Together with Redhotminute, this hospitality family persuades her guests more and more often to come to their hotels as well. They do this with an online journey, in which the guests feel pampered in every phase. This is accomplished with an automated loyalty programme that has been personalised as much as possible and has given beautiful results.

Valk loyal

Van der Valk continously works on the optimization of the quality experience of restaurant and hotel guests through the different online channels, so that these guests will keep returning. In order to achieve this, they needed an online loyalty program: Valk Loyal. With this program, after each stay, the guest saves up for a next stay.

It was challenging to synchronize three independently operating systems (two booking tools and an iPhone app). It was important that the guest would have all information available in one central place and would not notice anything of the different platforms.

Marketing automation

With the online loyalty programme Valk Loyal, hotel guests are tempted to book directly by Van der Valk with their account. The guest then benefits from additional advantages, like free drinks, the best price guarantee and special offers. The most important argument to participate in the loyalty programme is however discount. After every stay, Van der Valk places a certain amount in the customer’s online account: in this way, he saves up discount with every stay, completely automatically. This marketing automation contains various aspects:

  • A central database with information about the guests and their bookings;
  • A central reservation system, with which the guest can easily make or change a reservation via any device;
  • The Copernica email marketing database, with which Valk Exclusief can approach any guest in a personal and relevant manner;
  • A responsive website, with which the guest can orientate themselves via the computer or their mobile phones and with which they can benefit from the advantages of the loyalty programme.

Happy guests and higher conversions 

Gerard Schomaker of Valk Exclusief and Hans Anton Verschoor of Redhotminute explain how marketing automation leads to happy guests and high conversions during the Webwinkel Vakdagen (webshop trading days)